Pathfinder Search is a broker of scientific and engineering talent to companies, and a trusted resource to high achieving professionals to advance their careers

Services to Candidates

Services to Candidates

Pathfinder Search helps advance careers in Food & Beverage.  We are specialists who understand R&D, Quality, and Engineering careers.

What we do affects people’s lives!  Therefore, we place paramount importance on maintaining your confidentiality and protecting your livelihood.  No resume or other information is ever shared outside our office, without your consent.

Pathfinder does not presume to have the ideal professional opportunity for you.  Even if you are an active candidate, our first conversation will be around YOU, not a specific job. 

TRANSPARENCY is critical, and it must be mutual.  To serve you we must clearly understand your unique professional skills in the context of work history, education and accomplishments; your life outside the workplace including others you must consider; home ownership, geographic preference, relocation; we must understand your compensation, recognizing that we will most often be called upon to document it for a new employer.  You will always know where you stand, and why.  We will tell you the truth. 

We must understand how you make decisions (an area where we can help you), and who will share in making the decisions.  We must have clarity around these topics before moving forward with any specific opportunity.

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